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They feed him and continue questioning him with Wood beating Shadow when Shadow only tells them what they already know. They leave him alone for a couple of hours and Shadow lays down to sleep, dreaming of his mother and Zorya Polunochnaya. Shadow wakes up to Laura covered in blood.

She killed the Spooks and helps Shadow escape from the abandoned freight train car he had been housed in. She tells him to lay low for a while and head South. Road locate Samantha Black Crow and interrogate her about her acquaintance with Shadow. She mocks them and refuses to give them any information and shuts the door in their faces.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. My colleague here is Mister Road. We're investigating the disappearance of two of our associates. I have one and I'm absolutely thrilled…keep it up dear Holzkern team. Someday I will get another one of your watches, too!

Your watches are really beautiful and fit to every outfit! They are timeless and elegant! Absolutely wonderful watches. I have one, received as a gift and I love it. It is light, with a lovely reflection of the stone. I'd buy so many of them! I have a Holzkern watch for women. It's not just very elegant, but also comfortable on your skin and super light. I have just received one of your watches. Beautifully packaged, with tools and spare parts. Lovely, unique and fantastic. I received my "Forest Trail". It is so beatiful. Thank you for making such beautiful watches!

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Joinery & Cabinetry

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Unique, beautifully packaged with everything you need to get started. Holzkern deserves 5 stars! Bought the Twilight a few months ago. Best watch I have ever had.

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I love their designs. Wish I could afford a few more. I ordered the model "Northwall" for Christmas. It's a great quality and at the same time it looks very elegant. Mine arrived today, presentation is amazing, attention to detail second to none and watch looks just as good Thank you. On my wrist since this summer. I haven't been wearing watches for years, but I couldn't resist the Mountain Lake model.. Allow these amazing images to inspire you and use them as a reminder to practice reflection and thankfulness.

Wood & Stone Watches by Holzkern | Unique by Nature

We messaged couch surfers from all mountain regions in Central Europe — according to the plan "whoever answers first gets a visit from us" With about 2 million inhabitants, Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in Europe - but one of the most diverse and beautiful countries Europe has to offer I can't put the feeling to be in the air and to see everything from above into words, it was wonderful to see the Zermatt valley and the Matterhorn from above It's an incredibly beautiful feeling to be at home without being available - you can simply switch off your mobile phone, as well as your head and spirit :.

I will probably never forget the moment when I first saw how a slightly greenish shimmering band became brighter and brighter and began to tremble over me Therefore listen to your feeling! Go as fast as you feel. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Take pauses when you feel like it and not when your neighbor wants you to. It is about your feeling. It is about following your gut feeling and not the words of others. The Way of St. James shows you how little you can actually be satisfied with in life. For me personally, pilgrimage offers the perfect opportunity to clear out one's soul and meet oneself again.

Inspired by the colours, the clear blue water with the greenish shimmering islands, the mountains, and the surrounding forests, I have been to this place several times since then.. The watches made of wood and stone. Shop Now. Go to model. Shop collection. Your personal piece of nature. What do our wood watches represent? Enjoy your time! Countless Designs - Limited Production Series. Naturally Unique. Uniquely Natural. Yana S. Frida F. I think your watches are fantastic! Tina L. Karin N. Susann S. I love it! So elegant, slim and beautiful! Sonja R. Graciella M. Andrea S. Your watches are really beautiful - I wear mine almost every day.

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Nina P. Mone S. Lizzy T. Linda K. Mine arrived today and it is freaking awesome. I have the Salamander model. Marlene H. Martina Z. My husband has two models! Super watches! They look and feel great! Karin D. My watch arrived today. Thank you, i'm very happy with it! It's beautiful! Anne M. Isolde K. Birgitt T.

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Joinery & Cabinetry

I'm very happy. Sandy G. The wooden watches are awesome. Oh my god, my watch is a dream! Christine P. I received the watch as a present from my husband…Your watches are amazing! Kyle W. These watches are gorgeous! Magda V. I bought "Maui" for my birthday. A wonderful piece. Michaela F. It's hard to choose just one watch, they are all gorgeous. Lisa S. Eve S. Extremely stylish.

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Absolutely thrilled! Thank you very much for this beautiful piece of nature. Anja S. I'm thrilled!!! I love my Holzkern watch :. Adelheit J. I love those watches. Ivy U. Beautiful watches…. Andreea G. Laura J. I need one of these in my life!!! Family is the main word in our studio. Everything we do and elaborate is for the family. Usually the delivery time around the Europe is 2 up to 4 days and costs not very expensive. Greenstone Sukabumi was named in honor of town on the island Java in Indonesia.

When the stone is in swimming pool, it reminds the water in Maldives, Indian Ocean. If you were sometime in Bali, you definitely went on it — all pedestrian zone paved by this strong and non-slip stone. Greenstone Sukabumi has big number of zeolit. This substance is used for clearing the water.