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It should recoup that, and unlike Titanic , where it brought in Paramount to co-finance, Fox has no distribution pot to share, although the studio has financial partners in Dune Capital Management and Ingenious Film Partners. Avatar will also benefit from higher priced tickets at 3D theatres and IMAX screens, not to mention the added boost it could get from awards recognition. As the human forces start to move in and seize the minerals, Jake finds himself torn between two bodies and two loyalties.

Fox will be hoping, that, like Titanic, one visit to Avatar will not be enough for millions of cinemagoers around the world. Screen International is the essential resource for the international film industry. Subscribe now for monthly editions, awards season weeklies, access to the Screen International archive and supplements including Stars of Tomorrow and World of Locations. Site powered by Webvision Cloud.

Pronounce the 50 US States Just Like an American πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Skip to main content Skip to navigation. Related articles. Load more articles. I was at a loss why I was behaving that way. Unlike many, I have not had bad experiences with US law enforcement. Being white, I have not suffered systematic exclusion. So why am I so scared in the middle of New York in an environment where everybody has made an extra effort to make me feel welcome?

The East in you never leaves, I thought, after leaving the immigration bureau. Simply put, it means a bodily sensation of inexplicable fear at the border. My deep-rooted anxiety about border-guards and law enforcement was back, even in the country where I have chosen to live; where, despite all the problems the United States now faces, I feel deeply at home. Squeezed into the back seat with my much older brothers how did we even fit in? My father stopped the car a few minutes before the border and explained the rules.

You do not chat with the border guard.

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You do not share this or that detail, no matter how friendly they look. I was thinking whether I could brag about the chewing gum I collected from those beloved machines on every Austrian street corner.

You turn a metal handle, and there it is, a ball-shaped piece of chewing gum; or, if you have a bit more money, a plastic globe with some little toy in. But I did not ask. My parents were very cautious, but I do not actually remember any incident with the border guards. Maybe there was, but I have no memories of it. We self-censored. We followed the rules.

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We complied. Decades later, in the United States, I observed that when older Hungarians visited me in Manhattan, they were afraid of the doormen. Older Hungarian intellectuals were concerned the doormen might stop them or cause some other form of public embarrassment.

Narratives and Strategic Communications in Foreign Policy

These Hungarian friends preferred me to come down and pick them up, just in case. They visibly sighed with relief once we entered the elevator. I sometimes laughed at their requests, thinking of our sweetheart Puerto Rican doorman, but deep inside I thought: well, there just seem to be levels of eastern-ness.

Thirty years after , the traditional East-West divide of my childhood has in many ways disappeared. I described their passionate fight against the powerful forces of social forgetting, both dangerous and beneficial.


Events need substantial narrative effort in order to remain alive. Most simply sink into the sea of forgetting. Some of these experiences are inexplicable to new generations, because they are connected to particular sites, a Communist memorial or the personality of a certain school director. Some of them heard of it, but have no idea which countries it divided. Others do not have the faintest idea that it has ever existed.

The world through American evangelical lenses – The Immanent Frame

Some well-traveled, affluent students beam with pride that they happened to see it on a recent trip. But all of them have a truly hard time connecting to it. They simply do not know where to place it; it is part of some vague imagination they have of the Cold War, a confusing, old and largely meaningless history they have to learn about, but do not feel in their bones.

Until I start to speak about walls and barriers internationally.